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Gail Rich Awards 2012: The creatives among us

Rhan Wilson
Santa Cruz musician Rhan Wilson has talent, experience and creativity to spare. But what elevates him to the mantle of a special artist is a genuine artistic vision...

Wallace Baine: The new Father Christmas

There is a conversation we're not having in this culture about Christmas.
It is a conversation that centers on a paradox -- How can so many people both love Christmas and dread it at the same time?

Santa Cruz musician shakes off the staleness of the Christmas holiday...- by Wallace Baine

Everybody must get 'Altared' - by Wallace Baine
04/15/2010 - Call it the "Altared Trilogy." Last December, as he does every year, Santa Cruz musician Rhan Wilson reworked traditional Christmas songs.

New band puts new twist on old songs - by Wallace Baine
07/09/2009 - Rhan Wilson does nothing ordinary. The creator of "An Altared Christmas," the live show and album that reframes common Christmas tunes in a minor key, has put together a new band, and there's nothing ho-hum about it.

Epicenter Blog: 'Altared Christmas' rolls around again - by Wallace Baine
11/09/2009 - ...that is likely to give those of us who often bored with traditional observances of Christmas a bit of a jolt. It's called 'An Altared Christmas,' and it's the brainchild of Santa Cruz musician Rhan Wilson.

'Altared' crew takes a skewed look at Valentine's Day - by Laura Copeland
02/11/2010 - The local producer of an annual dark-comedy musical extravaganza will expand his repertoire when his Valentine's Day special takes the Kuumbwa stage at 7 p.m. Sunday.

Rhan Wilson's 'An Altared Christmas' is an only-in-Santa-Cruz ...
Dec 9, 2009 ... THEY WON'T believe it in Peoria, but Rhan Wilson isn't making fun of Christmas. True, his show An Altared Christmas, now in its fifth year, ...

An Altared Christmas - by Linda Koffman (Good Times)
...Don’t get Rhan Wilson wrong, it’s not that he doesn’t enjoy the holiday season, he just wants to shed a different light on the whole gift-giving revelry. The producer and brainchild behind the a...