Q: What is an “Altared” song?

A: A song becomes “altared” when it is put into a minor key. I find the best songs for this treatment are common and well known, as the resulting change is more evident.
The word “altared” means ‘changed’, as in the word ‘altered’,
and it also means to make the song special and to raise its significance, as in to place it on an ‘altar’. The greatest examples of this are those songs featured in “An Altared Christmas.”

Q: Why would I want to hear music played in a minor key? Isn’t is depressing?

A: Many people assume that a minor key means that the song is going to be slow and depressing. Not true, as demonstrated by how much we laugh at our shows. While minor keys are sometimes associated with sadness, they also invoke passion, melancholy, and extreme beauty. In addition to that - when you sing happy songs with a sad music delivery, it actually makes you laugh (and sometimes cry, but that's okay - we need to go there now and then.)

Q: Why all the blue?

A: Isn’t it beautiful? It came to me that if I were to pick a color to go with minor keys, then it would be blue. A blue and black duo-tone with all the shades of each. Like looking through the world with blue lenses yet seeing all the glorious detail of life.

Q: Do you keep the original lyrics of the songs?

A: Yes, and that’s what adds to the effect. Keeping the lyrics intact while changing the mood of the music really makes the story of the song pop out – sometimes emphasizing the original meaning while at other times suggesting a whole new meaning that hadn’t been thought of before.

Q: Is this theater or music?

A: The emphasis is on the music. Musicians playing music. Any acting or theater comes from that place as the music inspires us. Some of us are finding our inner actors - some of us already know them.

Q: Do you change minor key songs to major keys?

A: No, it’s not about “opposites”.

Q: Do I have to dress up for these shows?

A: No, (not yet). But why not? It'a a great excuse to get creative and be part of something bigger than all of us. Dress up as much as you want and feel comfortable, but go for it. (Everyone else is!)

Q: What’s next?

A: Oh, gosh. I have lots of ideas - different themes, larger productions, smaller productions...You want specifics?

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